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VetsAmerica’s experienced and certified security resources understand that information assurance is a moving target because of evolving threats and that cyber security is not guaranteed by compliance. As apparent throughout all of our services, information assurance and cyber security are elements of an ongoing risk management process that incorporates on people, processes, and technology to protect information on a prioritized basis.

Cloud computing is also enabling quick and efficient access from anywhere, and data storage is moving to mobile devices from private networks. VetsAmerica offers a solution comprised of Mobile Process Management (MPM) to secure data and enable processes for data access.

Our Information Assurance and Cyber Security include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • IT Security Policy and Program Development

  • IT Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Network Security Issues and Technologies

  • Mobile Risk Management

  • Certification and Accreditation

  • Security Control Architecture Design

  • Information Security Integration (Business Applications, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Systems)

  • Access Authentication and Control

  • Virus Control Program

  • Security Technologies Integration (Biometrics, Encryption, Digital Signatures)

  • Data Quality and Integrity Management

  • Intrusion Detection and Monitoring

  • Legal and Regulatory Impact (Privacy/HIPAA)

  • Infrastructure Security and Business Resumption Planning

  • Technical Security Training and Awareness

  • Certification, Management Authorization, and Audit

  • Security Plan and Policy Development

  • Attack and Intrusion Detection

  • Information Security R & D Improvement

  • Education and Training Programs

  • Response and Recovery Systems

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