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Enterprise Business Architect

The analyst will provide Architecture support and will be responsible for the development and management of business, system, and data architecture models and reports. Required to collect and document business and system information that will inform a range of business improvement activities across the project, particularly those involved in the design of business requirements for supporting IT systems.  The Architect will work to develop and sustain an architecture using a repeatable approach, integrated framework, and industry leading modeling standards.

Position Description and Responsibilities:
    Work on client engagements to develop and complete current-state and future-state performance, business, data, application/services, and technology architectural models and other relevant artifacts. 
    Facilitate the definition and design of current and future-state business processes and performance metrics in collaboration with business process owners and subject matter experts
    Collaborate with team members to design innovative EA-related processes, tools and solutions that are available for reuse throughout the Strategic planning and system- development-lifecycle phases.
    Develop and refine business and system architecture models that reflect the customer’s strategic goals and objectives.
    Collaborate with team members to define and document the transition plan/ roadmap to achieve the future-state architecture.
    Experience modeling business processes using a variety of tools and techniques
    Coordinates closely with business and system owners and stakeholders to determine business needs and provide the appropriate architectural products to support the acquisition of the most viable technical solution to enable the business.
    Apply strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    Initiate and execute on multiple tasks, and work effectively, both independently and as a member of a cross-functional team.
    Demonstrate strong facilitation, leadership, and communication skills to engage client stakeholders and support meetings.
    Lead small teams as needed to gather information to support architecture analysis and design.


Desired Qualifications
    Possess familiarity with one or more relevant architecture frameworks or methodologies (e.g., Zachman, FEA, DoDAF, TOGAF, SOA).
Required Skills and Experience:
    Minimum of 1 year of experience related to architecture, or 2+ years of combined experience across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
    2+ years of prior consulting experience.
    1+ years of prior work experience in or with the Deparatment of Defenese (DoD) or Federal Government. 
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Preferred Education:
    Minimum Bachelor’s degree required.


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